Crocotime agent

Time tracking and employee productivity monitoring software CrocoTime uses client-server architecture and consists of CrocoTime Server and CrocoTime Agent. The Settings → Agents tab shows a list of agents from which statistics has been ever received (or has been received during the timeframe set by the time filter). While in CrocoTime web-interface, proceed to Settings→Agents tab to download CrocoTime Agent installer. Select the one corresponding The utility is located at \Program Files\CrocoTime Agent\system\core. It provides the information about CrocoTime Agent installed on the device and also allows. The Remote agent management tool is used for mass collection of data about devices from a network and for remote management of agents installed on these. Minimal hardware requirements of CrocoTime Agent. CPU: Intel Pentium 1000 MHz or better;; RAM: 75 MB free RAM to run the agent. Recommended memory. 2 Apr 2015 We prepared a detailed instruction with screenshots illustrating installation of CrocoTime time tracking agents using Group Policies. Система учета рабочего времени CrocoTime использует клиент-серверную архитектуру и состоит из приложений CrocoTime Server и CrocoTime Agent. 21 май 2014 Компанию основал в 2008 году, до CrocoTime было еще четыре проекта разной степени успешности. После неудачи с последним.